Angela GossowAngela GossowAngela Gossow is the most recognized extreme female vocalist in the metal scene today, fronting the highly acclaimed, worldwide successful metal band ARCH ENEMY.Angela, who was born in Cologne, Germany (5th of November 1974) joined her first death metal band ASMODINA in 1991. ASMODINA released 2 demo tapes and 2 cd’s. They split up in 1998 and Angela formed a new band: MISTRESS. After releasing 3 demos, Angela left the band to join metal titans ARCH ENEMY in 2001.Formed by guitarist Michael Amott after his departure from the now legendary Carcass, ARCH ENEMY first garnered praise with the metal milestones Black Earth (1997), Stigmata (1998) and Burning Bridges (1999).


However, ARCH ENEMY really began to develop their true potential once outstanding new vocalist Angela Gossow joined the fold on 2001/2002’s critically acclaimed Wages of Sin album, marking the first time a band of this caliber and ferocity was fronted by a woman. The album was showered with universal praise, from front cover press in worldwide metal magazines to national daily newspapers alike.

Naturally, Wages Of Sin proudly claimed a position in all the end-of-the-year ”Best Of…” lists, whilst the metal underground had found a new band to champion, and one that would soon show on the live stage that it had even more to offer with Angela bringing a hitherto unseen level of growling and glamour to extreme metal.An exciting year of sold out tours followed, which took ARCH ENEMY around the globe and gained them a huge following in breathtaking speed.The band’s 2003 album, Anthems of Rebellion, was immediately hailed as a metal masterpiece. The record proved to be a landmark release for Century Media, as it delivered the label its then-highest first-week U.S. SoundScan sales ever, on the way to becoming one of its 10 best-selling albums of all time.

Worldwide press raves continued to pour in – Anthems for example scored an unprecedented 5/5 in both Alternative Press and Kerrang!, Rock Hard Germany made it their ”album of the month”, and Metal Hammer Germany stated it to be ”melodic, grasping, delicately built but nevertheless a massive hit in your face.”On the back of such a great response the band headed back out on the road and completed high-profile U.S. tours over the next year with Slayer, Hatebreed, Cradle Of Filth and Iron Maiden, as well as playing huge European festivals like Download, Rock Hard, Fields Of Rock, Graspop and Tuska, among others.Late in 2004 ARCH ENEMY returned with the ”Dead Eyes See No Future EP”, followed by ”Doomsday Machine” in 2005, released whilst they were doing the OZZFEST tour 2005. Following OZZFEST, Arch Enemy embarked on a 2,5 months long world tour, taking them to all 5 continents.


Finally in 2007 they released the album ”Rise Of The Tyrant” and played several shows in the USA,Japan,China and Europe.ARCH ENEMY released their first Live DVD ’Live Apocalypse’ in 2006,followed by their 2nd stunning Live DVD ’Tyrants Of The Rising Sun – Live In Japan’ in 2008.

Despite her bands busy touring schedule, Angela Gossow finds the time to develop and grow as a singer. She is taking private singing and piano lessons and has recently started to work together with acclaimed vocal coach MELISSA CROSS in New York. She has had professional vocal coaching since 2002 after she encountered some vocal problems.Angela is being featured in Melissa Cross 2nd DVD ”The Zen Of Screaming II”. She has been voted ”best vocalist” in Burrn! Magazine (Japan) and is recognized as one of the genres leading extreme vocalists in all metal magazines across the globe.


Her face has illustrated many magazines from all over the world.Her vocal influences are deeply rooted in the early death metal of the 90ies. Her favorite singers are Chuck Schuldiner (DEATH), John Tardy (OBITUARY), Jeff Walkers (CARCASS) and David Vincent (MORBID ANGEL). With more than 15 years of singing experience, she has developed her own unique vocal style, ranging from low growls to piercing screams. She has learned to maintain her voice despite months and months of touring, with hardly any days off in between.Angela is providing information and advice for aspiring singers in metal on this website (see ’vocal advice’ section) and is teaching in person as well.

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