angela gear wireless mic large

Angela's Sennheiser system:

  • Shure beta 58 Wireless or Shure 58 Wireless system
  • EM 500 series receiver
  • Microphone cap: 945
  • Microphone transmitter: SKM 945



Also wanna know what Arch Enemy's FOH (front of house) sound engineer Clem Bennett says about Angela's sound? Here you go:


You know what? I hardly touch Angela's voice. If I have the luxury (like a headline show), I send it to a voice doubler on an SPX or an Eventide, but just use a bit of it. It's not really worth it most times. One thing is I compress it pretty hard at 4:1, but really, Angela sings at 90-100% almost all night, so the compression is just to keep her signal flat, rather than as a problem solver on a more dynamic (ie: no technique) singer. No reverb on vocals. Clem Bennett, Arch Enemy FOH


Angela's main instrument is her body, though.

Keep your body and your voice healthy. Smoking is not a good idea and so is drinking alcohol in large amounts. It eventually makes your vocal chords more vulnerable. Do sports (great for stamina and lung function) and eat healthy. Very spicy, fried or sugary food irritates the throat, causes acid reflux (number one cause for voice disorders!) and weakens your muscles - and vocal chords are muscles!


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