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Written by Karla, Chile:

Hi, my name is Karla, I have 13 years old and Im a greatest fan of Arch Enemy and specially of Angela Gossow! Well, I first heard Arch Enemy until 2 years ago, but I have all the albums and I love "try" to sing the songs :D. I think that Angela is the best female singer in the Death Metal, and she shows that the womans also can sing guttural, this is no longer only a matter for men. Arch Enemy is my favourite band in all the fucking world! , Angela is my idol! I hope someday to sing like her, but while Im learning the techniques. I also hope someday to go to a concert of Arch Enemy to finally see the band that moves my world. The lyrics are really good: a call to rebellion aganist the system. The instrumental of the band are simply awesome: the strength of the guitar, the batery so fast, ¡Its really fantastic! But what I like is definitely the incredible voice of the Goddess of Metal: Angela Gossow. Well, hopefully a good time, and still rocking! Very much greeting from Chile! Bye!


Written by Julie,Belgium:

I started to listen to Arch Enemy about a year ago and from the first minute I heard AE is just fell in love with the band,especially with angela, when I saw her at graspop this summer I was thrilled , I waited 1 hour and 30 minutes at the signing boot, when I saw her,I just couldn't move and i know it sounds ridiculous but I even started to cry after the signing session when I'm frustrated I listen to AE and the music calms me down,the lyrics are awsome.AE became my passion, angela my hero in my eyes she's the perfect women: beauty.Also, AE is the first band in my life that I've been such a huge fan of. In the past I just liked bands like GN'R and Nirvana for example, but ever since I got to know AE, it justifull,strong,agressive, and talented I can't wait to see AE againmy dream is to start a tribute band to Arch Enemy, but i'm a real bad singer, I won't give up on it, i bought the zen of screaming but I didn't found time to practice yeti'm searching someone who can teach me how to grunt.anyway, AE is my favourite band.It's my drug.


Written by Marcel,Netherlands:

I'm Marcel from Holland and I'm a fan for almost a year now. Ever since I got to know AE, I visited every show I could, even foreign ones. I really love the way AE relates to their fans, especially Angela. I admire the way she stays in touch with the fans via MySpace, blogs, eBay etc. When she meets the one United Enemies member at Graspop, she asks for his name and it puts a big smile upon her face. Also, when a poster gets lost in the mail, the shop will send another, and Angela includes a flyer with a personal message. They also take a lot of time after shows to talk to fans and make pictures. I think that's all awesome. Arch Enemy caught me and it does that still. The music is awesome. Not just the lyrics and the power that's in it, but also the quality. It's not just about hammering the guitar and drums and screaming simultaneously, it all really connects perfectly to each other. There are a lot of (more) popular metalbands than AE that don't have this connection and I really don't like these bands.Finally, I love that AE doesn't make music just to be commercial, AE does it for the music and the fans. That's a thing that many (metal)bands forget when getting more popular. Other bands use their popularity to make more and more money, AE doesn't do this and they've been around for 12 years. They don't ask a fortune to let you attend to a gig or to buy a CD or something. I could go on like this forever but I don't think that's the purpose of this page so I kept it short. Keep up the good work and you'll never lose this fan and without a doubt, you'll keep a lot of others too!


Written by Clinton,USA :

Hello, my name is Clinton and I am from Louisville, Kentucky. I first heard about Angela and Arch Enemy during the summer of 2005. It was the hot, sunny summer day of Jul. 31 ..... Indianapolis, IN ..... Verizon Wireless Music Center. I remember being twelve at the time and not knowing much about METAL at all. Arch Enemy got me into Melodic Death Metal/Death Metal in general, one of the first bands that I ever saw live and instantly loved them. If I remember correctly, Arch Enemy opened up with 'Nemesis', the first Arch Enemy song to touch and hit my ears, it was quite a beautiful moment in my life. Man, did they fucking destroy that 2nd stage. Angela was fucking amazing and her stage presence was that of over one billion Bengali tigers ;). No other band or frontman had the stage presence of Angela or Arch Enemy that day. In my opinion, they even put Iron Maiden to shame that day. I respect Angela and what she does, I could never compete with her at trading growls. Angela could teach a few 'death metal' bands a thing or two about growling. Though, I am not a vocalist, Angela has definitely given me strength! her growls, her screams, her voice, she has helped me write a lot of music. Arch Enemy are my favourite Melodic Death Metal band and among my favourites of all time, only behind Carcass and DEATH. "The Symphonies Of Destruction. My way and YOUR way to deal with the frustration, the anger, the pain, to channel it and get it out of the system. I cant live without music, it makes me feel alive and strong, no matter what. I hope you can feel the power of music too! " - ANGELA GOSSOW And I do! If I am feeling down, sad, angry, or whatever, I always know that I have Arch Enemy on my iTunes, iPod, or somewhere in my STEREO. I'd like to thank Angela Gossow, the band members and crew of Arch Enemy, the Angela Gossow COMMUNITY, and of course, the Webmiss. You guys are such AWESOME and nice people! THANK YOU! -Clinton


Written by Archan,India (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ):

I'm Archan from India. I came to know about Arch Enemy a few years back and the first song I heard was'Nemesis'. I liked them instantly. But till then I had no idea that the lead singer of the band is a woman. When I found that out I couldn't believe it..And since then, there is my day is not complete without listening Angela's voice. I must admit that, it was Angela's powerful voice in the first place that attracted me to AE but their mixing of harmony n melody with the metal is just awesome. Frankly, I love all of their songs.

And there is one more strong point about their music..Lyrics. I think their lyrics are very positive n powerful as well...personally those words always cheer me up and help me a lot to fight against the various sufferings of life...I have a lot of respect for Arch Enemy and specially for u Angela. U and your music are an inspiration for guyz like me. You are simply amazing..keep rocking!!!

And finally it's true that, "We walk this earth With fire in ourhands" n there are many people "Waiting to see us Struggle and fall"but it also true that "We are strong We are one" and therefore "WeWill Rise…!!!"

Written by Dominique,USA (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ):

My name is Dominique and I must say that I am really impressed by how Angela carries herself and her vocals. I love her. We have the same birthday!!! She's really awesome and being that I'm a girl and I am really into metal-I love her for stepping out into the metal genre. To me it's kind of like saying, "Yeah,we're women but we can rock harder than any guy out there!" and that's exactly what Angela does. She's awesome and she's a metalhead but feminine too! I must say that if I started my own band and they asked who influences me, Angela would definitely be one of those people.

Many people ask me why I am into metal or they can't believe that I'm into metal because: 1. I'm African American and 2. I'm a girl but I just say "I don't choose to like something based on my race or my gender, I like it because it touches my heart, it's very influential, it's not profane and you can rock out to it! It's metal baby and I will never stop being a metalhead!" And that is why I love Angela Gossow! She wll never stop just because someone may not like that she's a woman in a metal band! She is her and she stays true to herself and that's what makes a great person like Angela so successful and influential.

Written by Armando,Venezuela (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ):

First off all, I'd like to say that I'm from Venezuela. The First songI heard of Arch Enemy was Ravenous. I remember that was around 2002, Ifriend of mine told me that the singer of this band was a Girl. I toldhim that there is no way that it could be a woman! So I decided towatch the video... I was extremely amazed, really, I couldn't believewhat i was seeing, not only because of the power of Angela's voice,but also because she is beatiful!

From that time, I cannot spend morethan 2 days without listen to an Arch Enemy song... I've bought allthe records, the latest DVD's everything.. What definitely make mefell in love with Angela, was when I heard her talking with her normalvoice, I mean, I couldn't believe that she have such a beatiful voice,and additional she is kind and charming! I love you Angela!Arch Enemy show me that it is possible to mix all the brutality ofmetal, with beauty and harmony of sounds and quality of executions ofall Arch Enemy's members. I'm kind of sad because you Haven't camearound here (Venezuela) you have such a big FanBase here and, mepersonally, would die to see Angela Singing! And even more to get toknow her... Please Consider us in your next Tour!!!

Written by Andrea (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ):

I had known about Arch Enemy for quite sometime...probably around the time 'Burning Bridges' first came out, but I didn't know much about them and had only listened to them from time to time. It wasn't until I first heard "Web of Lies" from the 'Wages of Sin' album that I was just taken back. The insane guitar riffs/solos and intense drumming made the song itself, but the vocals went above and beyond.

It wasn't until I actually bought the album that I realized it was a female. I was shocked that a woman could sound this incredible and put so much power into music, but she does. She is nothing short of remarkable and this is why she is my number one inspiration in all that's wicked and metal! Ever since I unwrapped my first Arch Enemy album and gave it a spin, she gave me something to hold on to and for that I thank her! Angela is the TRUE reigning queen of metal!


Written by Sopho,Georgia (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ):

well i know AE already 3 years but its only 2 years that i know, VOCALIST is ANGELA GOSSOW my father is a biig metal music laver so i listen to metal for years and when I was 11 (im now 14)we were at my fathers work and were talking about some bans what I knew before (it was Carcass, Metallica, Cradle Of Filth Dimmu borgir and ect)and my father turned on Arch Enemy - Silent wars and i liked it SO VERY MUCH that i asked him to give me all albums of that band so i've been listening to AE for a looooong time and didn't even know that the vocalist was a woman (pretty cute by the way) i was 12 when i DEVELOPED THIS (lol).. once when i was with my dad he told me that angela was vocalist and i didn't beliave in that until my father showed me WE WILL RISE video clip and i was shocked! i was like WTF? and i've been wathing this video at home all the time all the days and my mam went mad about but it's ok lool

so and from 12 years i'm biiig fan of Arch Enemy and i always say: If they come to georgia nomather time no mather place no mather how the ticket will cost (even 1000 $ i don't care) i'll go to

so what i want to say about angela is that she is One of my idols shes hot shes strong she's smart and she doest care what ppl will say about her cuz she nows that she likes it! i always hated to say that i'm fan of someone but i'm truely fan of Arch Enemy and always wait you come to GEORGIA (not the state of USA... it country) love,poor little alice girl

Written by Patrick,Germany (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ):

The first time I heard of Arch Enemy is a few years ago.. Me and my friend listen to some web-radio shit, there were lots of good bands until we heard "Leader of the rats" from Arch Enemy. I said to my friend: "What a fucking great song, who is this band?" and he reads out Arch Enemy. Luckily we got a streamripper and we ripped this song into mp3 and at home I played it to my dad and a few days later he came on with the "Anthems of rebellion" album (He listen to Metal to, which is fucking awesome, 'cause he got very very good classical metal things in his LP and CD collection ;) ) and he said I should look up who's the singer in this band (I had no fuckin' idea that a women is the singer in Arch Enemy).

So I took out the booklet and saw that she is singer by Arch Enemy and I thougt what a fucking amazing voice for a women. I also had the chance to see her live with Arch Enemy in 2006 on the Earthshaker Festival. AE also had a signing session there and she and the band signed me a poster and my bavarian flag.

Oh, before I forget... I can't wait till the new album and the Black Crusade Tour through Europe... We see us on 3rd December in Munich Angela (wär super wenn du und die Band zeit findet mit den Fans Party zu machen)

Written by Stan,New Zealand (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ):

I don't know how i found out about Arch Enemy,i think i was just browsing through bands or something..I listened to "We Will Rise" and i was like WOOOOO hahaha this is good... i never thought the vocalist would be a female and im glad it is a female,shows that not only dudes can sing in metalcore or melodic death metal genre,shows that females CAN sing better Angela,she's one of the best vocals i've heard

Angela is crazy onstage...thats a good thing though haha... By the way,im still love the song We Will Rise,never get sick of it lol.. i love all your songs!!!

Written by Brian,USA (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ):

hmmm....well i became a fan of the through my friend who is a great guitarist...any way he had me listen to the pre-angela Arch Enemy and then i listened to the first album w/ her...i cant remember what it is oi...any way i really like the "new" Arch Enemy and angela b/c u couldnt tell it was a female..and it sounded great :)...the only time i saw them live was in utah in 03 i believe...they were with The Black Dalilha Murder and Hate was a great show ov course and AE put on a good show...woooo

Written by Lionel (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ):

What i like so much about Arch Enemy is the way they combine so many different genres of heavy metal - take a song like The Immortal or Bridge of Destiny - you have straight out death metal rythms (with crazy double bass drumming), but you also have melodic passages - almost like 80's metal. As i'm sure you know, chris amott is into melodic metal, and all the different influences come into the music.

I think Angela is a fantastic vocalist, has great stage presence, and is no way your average "rock chick" - i heard her say in an interview for the french Arte channel that when guys giver her a hard time she gives them a kick - sounds good to me!

I really don't like straight out "death metal" bands - like Slayer, Nile, Crytopsy - do you? Nor do i like straight out "power metal" bands like Blind Guardian. What's so good about bands like Arch Enemy is that they combine so many different styles and come out with a sound that is, well, pure fucking metal!

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