Fans Asked Angela

This is something we had once for only a certain time. Fans could send in their personal questions and Angela answered them.Enjoy!

I am not sure. I have the utmost respect for parents. It is real tough to raise kids in our society. You can protect them only for a very short period of time. As soon as they get into kindergarten or school they are under the influence of others.. And the media isn't helping it either. There are many bad role models for kids out there today and only few good ones. A lot of parents start losing their kids sooner than later to the wrong role models, drugs disorders. To see your beautiful child turn into a troubled, unhappy, mobbed teenager isn't easy. I am not sure if I am up for that challenge. I meet teenage kids every day at our shows. A lot of parents fail miserably in protecting their kids and being there for them when they need to be. I try to be a little there for them, but most kids simply need stability in their lives. And where I am at right now, there is no stability. And for this world - I don't see much hope. I do fight to make a difference, but a lot of people don't. Too many simply don't care. Environmental destruction, war mongers, nuclear weapons - not the paradise I would like to see my kids live in..

Vultures are everywhere. It can be someone close to your heart, a colleague at work or even your government. It is about people who suck you dry. Who are there when you are down to pick at your bones. In your hour of weakness they wont help you up but rather pull the trigger on you. Your loss is their gain. False friends, vampires.

Michael Amott. He has always stood at my side.

No, I am rather frightened. Such advanced musicianship is impossible to match and it feels intimidating.

I can put 1 and 1 together. Given the ignorance and denial a lot of people live in I assume they can't to the maths.. Everything we do has an impact on this planet. Each one of us has a responsibility and can make a change. Every day I open my eyes I can see what is happening and I understand what is going on. There are many out there who don't have that social intelligence, the knowledge of this world and its creatures. All they can see is me, myself and I. They simply look the other way and switch off that part of their brain - or they probably never used it in the first place. There are many who fight for survival, who are too poor or don't have the education to make a difference. I understand and I don't expect them to change the world. But most of us live in a wealthy society and have everything they need. Yet, they are never satisfied and walk over bodies to get what they want. I see so much carelessness and ignorance amongst us. Being a sensitive and caring person a lot of people and their actions make me sad and angry. Basically, I am having a hard time blending out reality and to be mindlessly happy.

I believe it has a different meaning to each band member. It was designed before I joined the band. To me, it represents the Unity and Strength of Arch Enemy.

I am not sure. We do have plans but a DVD is actually very expensive to make and doesn't sell that well. A lot of kids out there expect to get everything for free from the artist nowadays. We simply can't afford this and as it looks like right now, we cant afford to invest money into shooting a DVD. So if you want to see a live performance of the 'Rise Of The Tyrant' material - you got to come out the shows.

Metal in Europe has no mainstream acceptance either. What we got is a very lively festival culture and a lot of them are catering to metal fans. I think America's problem is the dominating role religion plays in politics and social live. Religion obstructs freedom and the acceptance of opposed forms of art. And metal still goes against the grain.

This question is impossible to answer as life takes so many twists and turns.. I might still be working in the media or I could be married with kids and growing organic vegetables in my own garden.. Or I could be dead.

Momo, The Endless Journey and every book from Michael Ende. I loved his fantastical, meaningful and intelligent stories. They were full of vivid fantasy, imagination and beautiful details. I read a lot as a child and teenager; we didn't own a TV until I was 12 years old. It most certainly helped me to develop a good feeling for language and lyrical writing. Even today I prefer books to TV and movies.

I grew up with a parent who suffered from bouts of depression. There was talk of suicide or simply leaving the family behind. I had to struggle with this for years as this had a profound effect on my mental state as well. For years I felt left alone, un-safe, forever falling down a narrow dark tunnel. Nobody would hold me or stop me in my fall. I had borderline depressive phases where I was thinking about giving up (MY APOCALYPSE). But suicide THE LAST ENEMY always seemed like an unacceptable 'non'-solution for me. Its full flight. You run away from life. There were times were life was not very enjoyable, but I always felt hope and saw a light at the end of the tunnel.. I dealt with the depression that was brought upon me by childhood experiences. I looked for help and went to a therapist for a while. Getting an outside view, somebody to talk to who wasn't so deeply involved emotionally did help me a lot. I found a way to look at it form a distance and to walk away from self-distraction, self-hatred and mental conditioning. You do imitate your parents and a lot of people live their parent's lives. I didn't want that. I neither wanted to relive their unhappy relationship nor did I want to be a self-loathing individual. I wanted to be free. I have achieved that but I remember my dark feelings. Sometimes they still do creep up on me. But once you know THE ENEMY WITHIN, it gets much easier to fight back.

I like well-organized festivals where bands are taken care off, no matter, how small you are. The Graspop festival is very good! No chaos, good catering and a great sound system/PA. Smaller ones, like Up From The Ground, are great too, it is very familiar backstage.

I am here to inspire, to encourage and simply to have a great time. I came a long way, starting out in an underground band to become the most recognized extreme female singer in the metal world. Whoever looks down on me has surely not tried what I am doing and most certainly has not achieved even half of it and must be very arrogant and intolerant. And I don't waste my time with idiots. I couldn't care less.

I was into metal, but I never had a career as a musician in mind. I studied economies and did an apprentice ship in advertisement and management. I think education is very important. No matter what you want to do later or where fate takes you.

I do, but in private. I am not a fan of clean vocals in metal. I like singers with grit like Rob Halford or Ronnie James Dio. But totally clean is not my thing. And operatic vocals usually make me feel sick.

Sure. When i can come up with some cool ideas. It isn't such an Innovation anymore though, as quite a few bands have done it by now. So it's not that tempting to me to be honest.

I am not embarrassed for anything really. I like the Jackson Five and early Michael Jackson stuff. I like some tunes from the 60ies, 70ies and 80ies. It depends on my level of intoxication if i sing along aloud to 'Wake me up before i go-go' from Wham!.. haha.

I am not tough. I am self-confident. That's a different thing altogether. The funny thing is, I haven't had one single person ever walking up to me and questioning my integrity and authority. I don't count the cowards talking behind my back as my critics. People without a face don't exist to me.

I can recommend the book 'The God Delusion'. It will answer many of these questions. Religion is a tool for power, and excuse for war, a strong source of income. I most certainly do not believe in religion or in a god who is interested in every single human being's fate. There is no god. You are responsible for your own happiness. You got this one life on earth - make the best out of it and enjoy it, whilst it last! Long story short: I am an atheist.

Am I? Yeah, I guess. I am pretty much 200% metal. Its fun. You should try it! I get away with so many silly things. Headbanging, screaming, wearing chains and military boots. I don't really have to grow up in that aspect.

The last funky gig I can remember is the first show of the US tour we did with Machine Head. I had way too much space cookie before the show. All I wanted to do is giggle, but I had to be the lead singer of a metal band for 60 minutes instead. It was hilarious from my point of view.

I use the Shure Beta 57 wireless microphone, which is a standard mic really. Other than that, nothing besides the PA I am not doing an unplugged version on stage, haha.

My voice has only the standard effects. Compression, sometimes delay or reverb. No distortion or pitch shifter. I actually think these effects sound pretty bad. They make you sound like a robot and take away any clarity of words. Messy.

We have total artistic freedom. We have great fans. We get respect and recognition for what we do. We travel the whole world. We get along great and have the same goals. We work very hard - and we get results. We are an efficient metal machine and that's a lot of fun and very rewarding! And today I am sitting in a grey, cold parking lot in England and I am trying to remember these fun aspects very hard.. haha.

I read a good book, browse through poetry and simply listen to the song over and over again. I always get a vibe and find some words that would sound good which I try to incorporate into the lyrics. I find it rather easy writing lyrics. I read A LOT. I think this helps tremendously.

It's the Chinese symbol for TIGER - my star sign in the Chinese astrology.

We are 5 very different characters but we do share the same (musical) vision: melodic yet extreme metal. Let me start with Michael: He is the heart of Arch Enemy. He writes most of the music and is involved in all steps: from the first note to the final product: A recorded, mixed and mastered album with artwork, booklet, etc. Also stage production and crew. Christopher on the other hand is single-minded musical. He pays attention to detail and brings in all these intricate little pieces of music. Daniel contributes to the song writing as well. His other strong asset is being an excellent engineer. He is down with the latest equipment and deals with all technical aspects. Sharlee is our social animal. He isn't involved much in writing music and band business but he makes sure we look good on stage and represents us in the party zone backstage ;-) And I write lyrics, have a word in the songwriting as well and I am dealing with the management, the label and all other business related issues.

I am liberal, coming from the word LIBERTY. I do not accept racism, intolerance, hatred and discrimination in any shape or form. Everything we do is politics. Using textile bags instead of plastic is a political statement. I believe people are afraid of change, that's why there will never be the much-needed reformations in our western society. Most people like to complain but do not like changing anything either. I believe each one of us can make a difference and I do stand up for my beliefs. I believe in respect and protection/preservation of this world and its creatures. I think most politicians have to make many compromises to step up the ladder. Many sell their integrity for power and money.. Lets put it this way: There isn't one politician out there I would trust.

My style is feminine/tough - matching my stage personality. I want to look good in my clothes but still wanna be able to move in them. I prefer pants all the way. Dresses aren't my thing at all. I like it simple but with small, interesting details. I don't like an overdressed look. Yes, of course do I sort out my own clothes. I wouldn't want it any other way!

I would like everybody to understand that this world is DYING and that we have to ACT NOW. We have no right to keep on destroying it. Many other creatures are affected by our egoistic behaviour.

Not really. But I don't dress up as 'Angela Gossow' when I go to the supermarket. I don't really like being recognized. It makes me feel awkward.

I am comfortable to tour with guys. I have never toured with women. So I cant tell what the difference would be. It all depends on the character of the people involved anyway. I don't think it has to do much with gender. You need a personality that is strong enough to respect each other and share a very restricted space for weeks on end.

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